Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Tips for parents

Children and young people can sometimes develop psychosocial problems due to insecurity about their appearance. That chance is even greater if they experience bullying. As a result, they can develop a negative self-image, lose their self-confidence, become afraid of social life and withdraw.

What can you do as parents if you notice this in your child? Help him or her to accept vitiligo. The tips below may be useful.

  • Have your child give a talk about vitiligo to explain to the class about the spots. Experience shows that bullying quickly decreases when children understand what kind of stains they are. Request a free one speaking package to
  • Register your child with the association, which brings together (parents of) children with vitiligo. The association organizes at least once a year members day where children can meet each other and follow a targeted program to strengthen their self-confidence. The children also have fun on such a day and often keep in touch with each other afterwards via social media. As a member of you will receive the members magazine four times a year Spotlight!, including a youth section and regularly updated information for parents. It membership of costs 28 euros per year (from 2022) and this amount is added some health insurers  to declare.
  • Make one or more prints for your child of the information card, the kids booklet, that gave to all members as a gift a few years ago. Here you will find the PDF. This allows your child to quickly and clearly explain to people what they have.
  • Join the private Facebook group, where people with vitiligo and parents of children with vitiligo exchange experiences.
  • If your child is a bit older, help him or her with camouflage tips. This can be done with regular make-up or a self-tanner, for which tips are regularly included in the members magazine Spotlight!, but you can also ask personal advice from a skin therapist who knows the right camouflage products and colors. Many supplementary health insurance policies reimburse a consultation medical beautician or a skin therapistt.
  • Consider a foundation holiday camp The star . These holiday weeks are aimed at making children resilient and increasing their self-confidence in a fun week. Read the article about this Spotlight! No. 1 of 2018 was standing
  • In serious cases: ask your GP for help or a referral for psychological help. If necessary: speak to the school about the bullying policy.