Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! no. 3 (2017) about medical camouflage

Anyone who has vitiligo spots soon discovers that camouflage is not that simple. Which products grip best, hold best and don't shed too much? Does it stay in place well, can you exercise with it and how much does it cost? That's what the main article in Spotlight is about! no. 3 of 2017.

For this issue, the editors interviewed Carla Uppelschoten, who provides training in medical camouflage. We watched the metamorphosis of Shirith Lakeman (51) from Hoofddorp, who was very happy with the result. LIanne Wijngaards (28) also looks back on her camouflage attempts in her latest column. That wasn't always easy for her. In the section 'The stains of' we meet Vani van Gameren, a cheerful 12-year-old girl from De Meern. She is also on the cover.