Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! No. 4 (2017) about new scoring system

It appears that doctors often experience the severity of vitiligo differently than the patients themselves. To gain more agreement on this, a new international scoring system is being developed, which is based on six stages of vitiligo. Spotlight! an interview with the Belgian dermatologist Professor Nanja van Geel from Ghent, who is developing the system. She has already discovered that not only the extent of the spots determines how patients experience their vitiligo, but also the skin type, the location of the spots and the reactions from the environment. 'And you won't find anything about that in the scientific literature.' Read the whole thing interview with Nanja van Geel.

Further in this issue of Spotlight!:  articles about the activities of on social media, a photo report of the 2017 members day and an article about the added value of volunteer work. can also always use help from volunteers!