Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Social media is in no way liable for the content of submitted contributions and responses.

Participation in the closed Facebook group

  • You can become a member, upon request, through our private Facebook group and
  • By joining the Facebook group you agree to the rules below.

What is not allowed in the Facebook group?

  • Insult, hurt, threaten and provoke.
  • Discrimination and racism.
  • Advertising and spam.
  • Illegal, immoral and copyrighted contributions.
  • Obscene contributions.
  • Disclosing Personal Information of Third Parties.
  • Slow chat (posting many meaningless messages one after the other).
  • Post messages that are not related to the topic.
  • Messages with loose hyperlinks.
  • Links to commercial websites in the message.
  • Attacks on people who cannot defend themselves and/or are not members of the Facebook group.


  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Preferably write your contributions in Dutch.
  • Do not post messages with all capital letters (shouting).
  • Stay on topic. Consciously putting a different spin on a subject is disruptive to the original poster. Start a new topic if necessary.
  • Ask your question as completely and clearly as possible.
  • The posted information is public within the group and therefore accessible to all members. Be careful with your statements and keep personal information such as home address and telephone number to yourself. Remember that your messages can be found on the Internet for years to come. Reporting when you are on holiday is also not smart, as others can take advantage of this.
  • Do not respond to messages that are intended to provoke reactions, or that you believe are irrelevant or do not belong in the group.
  • Do not use the Facebook group to complain about members and their posts or to deliberately provoke reactions.


  • checks the content of the Facebook group afterwards.
  • reserves the right to remove or modify contributions.
  • reserves the right to change the rules at any time and we therefore ask you to read them again from time to time.
  • reserves the right to refuse new members to the Facebook group and to remove existing members if there is reason to do so.
  • reserves the right to change or terminate the Facebook group. If the rules of the Facebook group are violated at the discretion of, a warning will follow.
    If the rules are violated, a member can be removed from the Facebook group.

Finally: Have fun in Facebook group and keep it fun together.