Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Do volunteer work? That pays off!

Call from the board

Who will come and help us? Do you also want to contribute? is an active association. The board and its volunteers are committed to providing a platform on which people with vitiligo can find reliable information. They also provide opportunities to meet each other. Online and offline, so you can exchange your experiences and thoughts. To make this and more possible, we can really use your help. If we all do something, it remains manageable and fun for everyone. So: are you an active member of and do you enjoy helping the association as a volunteer? What do you think of the following?

  • Social media. Do you like to be active on social media and does Instagram hold no secrets for you? Then you could become the backup of the Facebook administrator. Or, if you like, you can also fully participate in the team that now maintains social media. A small effort for you? One less thing for us to worry about.
  • Copywriter. Do you like writing? Then we are looking for you! We are looking for someone who wants to write an occasional article for our website. And who better to do that than someone who understands the target group from within. You can suggest the topics yourself, or you can write something about new developments, a response to news in the media or to messages on Facebook.
    Sparring with the editors of Spotlight! is of course also an option.
  • Hostess / host. If you would like to meet fellow patients and still be of service to the association, offer your help as a hostess or host during members' days or information meetings.
  • Helping hands.  During members' days or information meetings, there are always unspecified chores to be carried out, such as carrying work, power supply, ICT, assistance with workshops, setting up presentations, etc. Any help with these activities is very welcome.
  • Organizers in the region. Would you like to work for in your own region and help with presentations on location or participate in online sessions? Then your help is certainly welcome here too.

Join the club
Again, are you an active member of and would you like to help the association in your spare time? Become part of a fun team of motivated volunteers! Do you still feel a bit insecure about your knowledge and skills? Of course we won't just throw you in the deep end. As a volunteer you can participate in fun training courses at PGOsupport. And every year we organize a volunteer day.

Is there something for you? Do you have any questions? Please contact the secretariat:


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