Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

World Vitiligo Day 2024

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World Vitiligo Day 2024 and Members Day

Sunday June 23 12:00 - 17:00

This year, the biennial members day will be organized in the Metaal Kathedraal on the outskirts of Utrecht on Sunday, June 23 from 12 noon to 5 p.m. and will be held in combination with World Vitiligo Day. That day a lot of information will be shared with you about vitiligo, including by specialists Prof. Dr. Marcel Bekkink, Dr. Albert Wolkerstorfer from the Amsterdam UMC/SNIP and Prof. Dr. Nanja van Geel from Ghent University Hospital. The latest (medical) developments, including more information about JAK inhibitors, and ongoing research will certainly be discussed during the program. Mark Baanders (known from Expeditie Robinson, PowNed and Het Perfecte Plaatje) will also provide part of the program.

Activities for young people and adults

Numerous activities are organized on this day for children up to 12 years old and young people from 12 years old, where they really interact with each other. connect. We will be making videos and mocktails (cocktails without alcohol), Blij Refueling and there will be a photo booth! Of course, adults are also allowed to take photos with the family and Blij Tanken. We start with coffee and tea and mega brownies, in the afternoon there will be fries for everyone from Foodtruck Hieperdepieper and tasty drinks from the Metaal Kathedraal. Register here for World Vitiligo Day! The full program will be announced soon and you will receive more information from us.

Why World Vitiligo Day?

The patient association is not concerned with contact with fellow sufferers alone. During World Vitiligo Day 2024 and beyond, we draw widespread attention to the disease burden of vitiligo and improved therapies. Recent research shows that knowledge about vitiligo among healthcare providers leaves much to be desired. That has to change. The patient association will support healthcare providers with more knowledge about vitiligo and we really need your help with that. Only by uniting can we strengthen our message, towards the media and healthcare providers. So it is fantastic for everyone with vitiligo when as many members and their families as possible attend this useful and very fun day. Refreshments and activities are free.