Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight 4 from (2015) with information cards

In the spotlight! No. 4 of December 2015 you will find, among other things, a photo report of the lustrum celebration, an interview with Oda van Cranenburgh about the online Quality of Life program, research news following recent PhD research by Dr. Hansje-Eva Teulings, and – last but not least – included as a Christmas present: three nice information cards about itr vitiligo, to hand out to children or others who ask 'What do you have?' That was an idea of Callistha (9) from Herveld: she talks about it on the Kidspots page. The cover features Lucie Stevens (10) from Westbeemster, who tells her own story on page 17. A song with a lot of input from the youth.

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