Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Ziggy has a skin condition

Play a game with a character that looks like you. That was far from possible for 13-year-old Ziggy. He has the skin condition vitiligo.

But now it is possible. In-game Sims 4 is it possible to make a game figure with the skin condition. And Ziggy is very happy with that.

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Color change: from dark to white

Paul Monteiro has had vitiligo since he was 12 years old.
Monteiro initially had colored skin, but due to vitiligo he lost all his pigment. It has become so white that it must continuously protect itself from sunlight. He was therefore not bothered by the color change.

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Mark Baanders about the acceptance of vitiligo.

December 15 Video

Mark Baanders was flooded with reactions when he spoke openly about his vitiligo during Expedition Robinson. With him, it turned out that more than 200,000 other people in the Netherlands were walking around with the skin disease. He continued his research and spoke to fellow sufferers. You can watch 'Renze' again at Videoland.

Mark Baanders honest about skin condition

Nov 17 Video

Mark Baanders opened up about his skin condition vitiligo in last Sunday's episode of Expedition Robinson. Something that is greatly welcomed by Paul Monteiro, chairman of the vitiligo association. In this video, reporter Charlotte Sun talks to Monteiro and Mark Baanders about the illness, shame and the diverse reactions Baanders received to the episode.

Anny Silva in the LINDA

Anny Silva (55) has been living with the skin condition vitiligo for almost 25 years. “But I only just realized that it can affect more than your skin,” she tells LINDA.

Anny discovered the first traces of vitiligo in herself 23 years ago. She is then 32 years old. “I discovered the first spot above my eye. I really thought: wow, what is this? That little spot also seemed to get bigger and bigger. Coincidentally, I had just seen someone on television who was just as dark as me and turned completely white in a short time. All I could think was: this is terrible.”

She decides to go to the dermatologist. “He said to me: 'Well, you have vitiligo. There's nothing you can do about that.' I was referred to a beautician. There I was given a jar of camouflage make-up and that was it. I felt so lost and alone then.”

Padminie on the AD

Padminie lost her pigment due to Vitiligo

June 23, 2023
Padminie Gajadhar was 25 years old when she first developed white spots on her face. The skin condition Vitiligo caused the pigment to disappear from her skin. This Sunday is World Vitiligo Day. In Rotterdam a large picnic is organized by the Vitiligo Association, in the park near the Euromast.

Anny Silva on www.

Anny Silva: 'The older I get, the less I hide my vitiligo spots'

She was in her thirties when she noticed a spot above her eyelid. Anny Silva turned out to have the skin disease vitiligo. Many obstacles later, at the age of 54 she is proud of it: she no longer does that.

Although there are still difficult days in between.

Anny Silva talks candidly about vitiligo

The skin condition vitiligo is visible by white spots on the skin, where pigment is little to non-existent. But it is much more than that: it also manifests itself in physical problems and years of uncertainty. At least for Anny Silva, who saw a first spot around the age of thirty. It turned out to be vitiligo. The dermatologist quickly sent her home, because vitiligo is not a life-threatening disease. Yet she has encountered many obstacles over the years: “Vitiligo is not just the outside,” says Anny. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which the body produces antibodies against certain organs. In Anny's case it is the skin - but it also manifests itself in other health problems. For example, internists make a link between Anny's skin condition and her anemia, and others with vitiligo suffer from an underactive thyroid or lupus. Much more than just appearance, then.