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Spotlight No. 1 (2016) on the vitiligo mystery

Spotlight No. 1 of 2016 was about the vitiligo mystery of the identical twins. The editors spoke to Betty and Hanna from Epe, identical twin sisters aged 71, one of whom has vitiligo and the other does not. And that happens more often. The phenomenon is (still) a mystery to science, because it has now been established that genes play a role in the development of vitiligo. And identical twins have received an identical package of genes. So there must be more going on...

Read the article in this issue of Spotlight! and view photos of twins Betty and Hanna, Allison and Katie and Lindsay and Cindy. Also in this issue are articles about the mission of the Hungarian Adrienn, the stains of Marwin Moonen from Maastricht, the story of Pepita the Hunter and the sun protection clothing of the brothers Job and Jan Willem van der Sterre - of whom Job has vitiligo.

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