Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! No. 1 (2020) utility program 'Face IT for young people

In this Spotlight! a lot of attention to the online utility 'Face IT for young people, intended for young people aged 12-18 with a visible condition. It is precisely during this period of their lives that approximately 30 percent experience negative thoughts that can influence their self-image. 

We also asked readers the question: what does vitiligo do to your identity. For some people nothing at all, for others yes: vitiligo makes who I am!' And not to be missed: how does the board look back on 2019 and what are the plans for the (near) future.

A new section at the back of the magazine: Spotted on Instagram, with beautiful black and white photos of people with vitiligo who want to share their most striking images with others. What does the skin condition mean to them? What do they want to pass on to others?