Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! no. 1 (March 2021)

We can say that it is a very varied magazine, the new one Spotlight! which will be delivered to the members and other stakeholders at the end of this week What to think, for example, of the article about JAK inhibitors. The Amsterdam UMC is participating in an international study into the new drug ruxolitinib, which has fewer side effects than hormone ointments. 18-year-old Kris takes part and talks about her experiences with it.

Furthermore, an extensive story about the Tattoo Clinic in Leiden. People have been placing tattoos on their bodies for thousands of years. This usually does not cause any problems, but very occasionally skin complaints arise, for example an autoimmune reaction such as vitiligo. 40-year-old Quirine can relate: the pigment disappeared under and around at least seven tattoos. 

Lighter than: dolls and cuddly toys with white spots! They can give people with vitiligo recognition and confidence. Fay (9) talks about it. She regularly takes her cuddly toy with her on the road in the summer.

For example, the March issue of Spotlight! a lot to offer. Anyway, this one: what to do if skin complaints arise shortly after applying a camouflage product? Skin therapist Dion Timmer explains why this can happen and gives preparatory tips on how to prevent this next time.

Spotlight! maart 2021