Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight no. 2 (2016): everything about sun and vitiligo

'Vitiligo or not, go out into the sun'. That is the message from Dr. Wietze van der Veen in the June issue of Spotlight! It is a myth that people with vitiligo spots should not be in the sun, he explains. Sun is actually good for you, as long as you are careful not to burn your white spots.

The June issue has a summery feel with beautiful photos of little Arthur (6) from Zwaag, who already has white spots. This magazine contains many tips about dealing with the sun if you have vitiligo. Apply sunscreen heavily or often? Buy an expensive or a cheap drug? And what does that protection factor mean? Please note: Dr. Van der Veen says that many people – including people with vitiligo – use too high a protection factor. He explains why in the main article.

Also in this issue: Sharita Hart's spots, Padminie's story, and Spot on Sterre. And: columnist Lianne's baby has been born!

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