Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! about research and alternatives

How far has science progressed in researching vitiligo? And what are the experiences with alternative treatment methods? This can be read in the Spotlight! from December 2019.

This Spotlight! provides an extensive look back at the past membership day, where many experts updated members on the latest developments and ongoing research. They also looked into the future, what will it bring? Knowledge about vitiligo is gradually increasing, will scientists ever understand the condition? Read the latest information from dermatologists and researchers.

Alternative circuit
Some people with vitiligo investigate outside the regular circuit: are there alternative treatment methods to get rid of the white spots? We leave in the new one Spotlight! some people speaking. In the section 'What do you think?' they talk about their own experiences. 

Olivier (11)
The editorial staff of Spotlight! also thought about the children again. 11-year-old Olivier is in the magazine. He has had vitiligo for four years, has already given a speech about it and says very confidently: “I don't want to hide my vitiligo, but come out with it!”

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