Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!


Magazine for skin, hair and their conditions
Issue 4, December, 2021

The NVDV (Dutch Association for Dermatology and Venereology) published an article about the expressive power of images.

Patients and their associations are increasingly coming to the fore through photos. Not only in photo albums, but also as an outcome of targeted policies of various patient associations.
What were their motivations, what reactions did they hope for and how did readers and viewers react? A short and meaningful inventory because “healthy skin cannot be taken for granted.”

Editor's note:

The article contains an incomplete sentence:
Monteiro responds without hesitation:
“We want the shame!”
this has to be:
Monteiro responds without hesitation:
” We want to take away the shame!

RAZO paid attention to vitiligo

Healthcare radio RAZO from Delft paid attention to

You can hear what kind of activities are being developed by and how people with vitiligo meet in the RAZO & Zorg podcast.

Zorgradio RAZO Delft makes radio programs for patients of the Reinier de Graaf Group and all residents of Delft and the surrounding area who are interested in information from the healthcare sector.

In the studio of RAZO & Zorg are Paul Monteiro, chairman and Caroline Piet (communication) of our association.

Article Senior Guide

In the context of World Vitiligo Day on June 25,
article with the chairman Paul Monteiro.

Paul strives for more openness and understanding of vitiligo:
“It won't kill you, but the impact on your life can be enormous.”

His motto is therefore: Live, enjoy and dare, even with vitiligo!