Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! No. 1 (March 2024)

In the March issue of Spotlight! :

♦ Webinar The disease burden of vitiligo

♦ How do self-tanning products work;

♦ Study project for students at Fontys University of Applied Sciences;

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Spotlight! No. 4 (December 2023)

There is a lot going on in 'vitiligo land' and in the December issue Spotlight! attention to that.
– youth day
– sounding board group
– vitiligo guideline
– research Communication students
In short: there is plenty of movement!

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Spotlight! No. 3 (September 2023)

It won't come as a surprise to anyone: the September issue of Spotlight! pays a lot of attention to the recent World Vitiligo Day. Various meetings were organized worldwide and happily participated with a colorful picnic in Rotterdam.

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Spotlight! No. 2 (June 2023)

June 25 is World Vitiligo Day! This special day is celebrated in many countries and the Netherlands is not lagging behind. wants to meet with as many people as possible that Sunday in the Rotterdam Park near the Euromast. Are you also there?
It's not just this that we look forward to in the new Spotlight! which will arrive on members' doorsteps around June 2.

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Spotlight! No. 1 (March 2023)

The new Spotlight! which will be published around March 3, including attention for:
– the thyroid gland;
– Responses to the statement What does vitiligo do to you?
-Question from readers about hair dye;
-Experience story of Joost;
This and much more!

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Spotlight! no. 4 (Dec 2022)

The new Spotlight! which will be published around December 2nd contains more great articles.
– the story of Kirps Boghal;
– Nanja van Geel about the VITAL study;
-Shiham over the whole of Holland Bakt;
This and much more!

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Spotlight! No. 3 (Sept 2022)

In the new Spotlight! which will be published on September 2, we will of course pay a lot of attention to the members day, developments in the medical field and the picture book
A Bear with Spots.

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Spotlight! no. 2 (June 2022)

The new Spotlight will be available to members of on Friday, June 10! in the bus. And what could be better than opening with DJ Jana Vitiligo on the cover! After many closed doors, canceled events and other corona misery, Jana is looking forward to the current festival season. She's looking forward to a party. You too?

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