Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! no. 4 (2018) Bleaching ointment? Don't experiment!

Bleaching ointments may seem like a solution for body parts that are already almost completely white due to vitiligo, but beware: the stuff is often too aggressive. This is stated in Spotlight!, the magazine of, which was published on December 21, 2018.

For this issue, the editors of Spotlight! talked to experts who have researched these depigmentation ointments. It was discovered that people who used it also developed white spots elsewhere on their bodies. The experts therefore warn not to experiment with these types of products yourself, which are sometimes offered online. Even though it may seem attractive to order something to remove that last bit of brown on an otherwise white face, always consult your (skin) doctor first.

What do you think?
Another remarkable article in this magazine is the section 'What do you think?' This time it is about the provocative statement: 'Before I expose myself, the other person (does not) know about my vitiligo'. At the heart of the magazine are the candid reactions of a number of members.

Furthermore, of course, a look back at the last members day in Nunspeet, when hundreds of members enjoyed a varied program that produced beautiful photos. On the cover of this Spoltight! is Sharista Lachman, one of the members who participated in a photo shoot with photographer Krista Simons on the members day.

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