Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Spotlight! no. 4 (Dec 2022)

With winter approaching, we managed to put this winter photo on the cover. It is Kirps Boghal (38) from England. In the past, people never talked about his white spots at home. Until he was invited for a photo shoot on the Thames a few years ago. In the aftermath, his parents became curious and suddenly opened up to his vitiligo. Kirps now uses his situation - he works for the British Skin Fund, among others - to help others. In the new series The voice he tells about it.

The new issue of Spotlight! contains more great articles.
For example, Professor of Dermatology Nanja van Geel provides explanations about the recently started VITAL study: her research team will set up a still missing international standard for assessing and monitoring vitiligo.

A new season of Heel Holland Bakt starts in mid-December. A year ago, Siham from Gouda took part in this and was with André van Duin at her side. She tells us what that was like in the column Stain work.

This and much more in Vitiligo's new magazine, which will be published around December 2. We are curious about your reactions!

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