Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

RAZO paid attention to vitiligo

Healthcare radio RAZO from Delft paid attention to

You can hear what kind of activities are being developed by and how people with vitiligo meet in the RAZO & Zorg podcast.

Zorgradio RAZO Delft makes radio programs for patients of the Reinier de Graaf Group and all residents of Delft and the surrounding area who are interested in information from the healthcare sector.

In the studio of RAZO & Zorg are Paul Monteiro, chairman and Caroline Piet (communication) of our association.


In her study, Iris Kalkhoven, student at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management in Rotterdam, demonstrates the importance of professionalizing patient organizations. Loosely translated, she writes, among other things, that patients have become consumers in our current healthcare system.

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Vitiligo Story

An animated film from our French sister organization
Association Française du Vitiligo

This video was created from the original idea of a team of young high school students from Groupe Scolaire Montalembert, as part of a writing workshop (stimulated by the Association Française du Vitiligo and with the help of their literature teacher), to talk to all young people directly affected by vitiligo… but also to everyone else!

New Spotlight! no. 3 September (2021)

Spotlight! will be released in the first week of September! No. 3 of 2021.

The September issue of Spotlight! can safely be called varied! For example, you can read about:

  • People with vitiligo are known to sometimes have one or more autoimmune diseases. Pernicious anemia, for example, also called vitamin B12 deficiency. 
  • Visibility. That was one of the key words during the recent consultation between the board of and several staff members of the SNIP pigment center (in the Amsterdam UMC. 
  • Young people will have more say in the magazine. Take Anne (25): like many teenagers, she was also quite insecure. 'Do others like me? And then those spots on my body.' Looking back, she experiences that period as a roller coaster. Now she says: 'Luckily I have regained my self-confidence.
  • In recent years, many children have requested the association's speaking package. What did they do with it? What was it like talking to the class about their vitiligo? Do they deal with it differently after their speech?

Not yet a member and want to Spotlight! also received? Then sign up and for just €28.00 per year (from 2022) you will receive our magazine at home 4 times a year! You are also very welcome at our members day(s) and other meetings, you will receive answers to the questions you ask us and you will receive the free information book as a welcome gift. Living with vitiligo.

To donate

It is possible to provide additional financial support to through a donation.
Donations are specifically used to conduct research into vitiligo.
For example, contributes financially to research into the possible relationship between Covid-19 and vitiligo.

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Spotlight! June 2021 issue

The new issue of Spotlight will be released on June 4! This time we pay ample attention to lichen planus, just like vitiligo, an autoimmune condition in which the skin turns white. Because complaints mainly occur in the genital area, doctors often suspect a fungal infection. While that is not always the case.

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Volunteers speak.

A patient association like can only exist thanks to the efforts of volunteers. A huge number of tasks are carried out by volunteers. Below a few volunteers introduce themselves.

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Protopic and vaccination Covid-19

Recently we have been receiving questions about Covid-19 vaccination in combination with the use of Protopic.

We submitted the question to the pigment specialists/dermatologists at the Amsterdam UMC/SNIP.

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Spotlight! no. 1 (March 2021)

We can say that the new Spotlight is a very varied magazine! which will be delivered to the members and other stakeholders of at the end of this week. What to think, for example, of the article about JAK inhibitors.

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