Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Vitiligo and the sun

The pigment (melanin) is missing at the site of vitiligo spots. Pigment not only provides the color of our skin, but also protects the skin from the sun. In the sun, vitiligo spots burn faster than pigmented skin due to the lack of pigment. Avoid sunburn and apply a high protection factor to your stains as best as possible in time and/or wear UV-resistant clothing (click here for the KWF's position). Doctors advise vitiligo patients not to sunbathe extensively. Vitiligo spots can become sensitive to the sun. If the skin is damaged by burning, this can lead to the development of more spots.

Sunbathing is also good

Sunlight is also healthy because it ensures the production of vitamin D. We need vitamin D for strong bones and teeth and good resistance. Vitiligo patients can view sunbathing as a natural light treatment. The UVB rays can stimulate the production of pigment. The disadvantage is that the pigmented skin turns darker, making the contrast with the vitiligo spots more apparent.