Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Questions children and vitiligo

I have vitiligo. Will my child also get it now?

There is a slightly greater chance that your child will also develop vitiligo. Vitiligo is familial. Of the people with vitiligo, 30% comes from a family where vitiligo already occurs.

Can my child follow light therapy?

If your child is younger than six years old, he or she cannot undergo light therapy. It is not permitted to follow this therapy at this young age. Their skin is still far too thin and delicate to handle this form of therapy. Above the age of six, you can determine in consultation with the dermatologist whether your child is suitable for light therapy.

Where can my child go for more information?

Including on the site. Here is a separate chapter dedicated to 'Young and vitiligo'. Young people have their say. Videos can be viewed and children of primary school age can request a speech package.