Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

Questions camouflage

How can I camouflage my vitiligo spots?

There are several ways to treat vitiligo camouflage or to conceal. If you stay out of the sun a lot, you will prevent the pigmented skin from darkening in the summer and the contrast with the vitiligo spots will remain minimal. In addition, vitiligo patients can use makeup to camouflage.

What should I pay attention to when buying camouflage make-up?

If you are going to use camouflage make-up for the first time, it is advisable to seek advice and tips from a recognized NVH skin therapist or Anbos beautician. They can advise you on which product and color combination is suitable for your skin. They can also teach you how to apply the product. On the website of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists find skin therapists near you.

What does the ideal camouflage agent do?
  • It does not close the skin
  • It doesn't look like a mask
  • It adheres well to the skin as a transparent layer
  • It is not washable
  • It comes in many colors
  • It doesn't irritate
Can I just start using camouflage make-up products?

Yes, that's possible. It is advisable to first seek advice and tips from a recognized skin therapist or beautician.

Are there any disadvantages to using camouflage?

Yes, there are several disadvantages, for example that the make-up stains the clothes. And the makeup wears off during the day. So you will have to update it regularly in a day.

Which camouflage agent is best for me?

For a white woman, I have fairly dark skin with a lot of pigment. I have vitiligo spots on my hands, wrists, armpits and pubic area. After breast cancer treatment, I developed it in many places, including my face.

There are several camouflage products on the market, we have had good experiences with Dermacolor. However, it is best to seek advice from a skin therapist, who will look at your skin type, among other things.

When treated with hormone ointment, how long should you wait before using camouflage therapy?

Camouflage therapy and treatment with anti-inflammatory agents (hormone ointment or topical immunomodulators such as Elidel® and Protopic®) can simply be combined.

Treatment with PC KISS?

I'm curious what thinks of the treatment with PC KUS. I have been coming across this “treatment” on the internet since 2012. It is said to pigment both vitiligo and gray hair. Now I don't hear anything about that anymore. Can you tell me more?

PC-KUS was presented with great bravado about 10 years ago by a German researcher who has hardly published or attended symposia since then. is inclined to think that the results are very disappointing and that it has withdrawn. The reports will of course remain available on the internet. thinks (and that is also the opinion of the advisors of, the medical specialists/dermatology clinic of the Amsterdam UMC (AMC) Section Dutch Institute for Pigment Disorders, that these are empty promises and that it does not work. So it's a waste of money, because it is still available online.