Live, enjoy and dare..... also with vitiligo!

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Can I also have my skin tattooed?

Yes, that's possible. The skin can only be tattooed if the vitiligo is stable. This means that the vitiligo has not spread for several years. Before you start, good information about the pros and cons is important.

What are the benefits of tattooing?

It is possible to get a beautiful color that lasts for life through a tattoo.

What are the disadvantages of tattooing?

Tattooing is a skin damaging procedure. It is possible that vitiligo is activated in the areas of the tattoo. Tattooing does not provide protection against the sun. So, the skin must remain protected from sunlight in any case. With spontaneous repigmentation, the tattooed area may become too dark compared to the rest of the skin. Skin irritations can also occur.